About Us

Since 1977, Southeastern Computer Consultants, Inc. (SCCI) has delivered intelligent software, system engineering, and training solutions to serve a range of customers in state and federal government. With offices across the country, including near the metro DC area, and as an approved OASIS, Seaport-e, NAWCTSD, and C5 OTA vendor, SCCI provides the competitive edge you need. Our skilled staff is comprised of more than 25 percent veterans with decades of experience providing expert military training to the US Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Let us use our experience to better serve your needs. If you are interested in our services, contact us by phone at (301) 695-5311 or by email at inquiries@teamscci.com, or visit www.teamscci.com.

Team Spotlight

Meet our PM MC Instructional Design Team

PM MC Instructional Design Team

Meet the Project Manager Mission Command (PM MC) instructional design team that is creating cutting-edge training for the US Army. PM MC develops, deploys, and sustains integrated mission command and situational awareness capabilities to the US Army and joint forces. The team has eight instructional designers who boast a combined 95 years of experience and seven master’s degrees. Describing themselves as committed, determined, and resourceful, the team members rise to the unique challenges facing instructional design for the evolving war fighter.

The team takes pride in what they do; working to create training that provides real-world contributions to US troops around the world. The work they do is important, as it provides tangible benefits to soldiers on the ground. In their time at SCCI, this rapidly growing team has bonded together to overcome tight deadlines and create engaging training materials.

The team enjoys being able to work on a variety of deliverables. In the contracting world, SCCI is always picking up new and exciting projects. This empowers our team of instructional designers to put new learning strategies into practice. As new projects are onboarded, the instructional designers take pride in using their experience to tackle new problems.

The team has created an advanced 3D presentation that highlights their skills. They used some of the team's members for the character models and voice acting. The presentation highlights the instructional design team and the graphics team.